What Makes TRG a Boutique Property Developer?

At Taylor Rhodes Group, we like to think that as a small property development company, we can provide you with something which larger companies might not be able to.

We class ourselves as a Boutique-style property developer, due to the way in which we brand ourselves, specialising in serviced accommodation, which continues to gain momentum. 

We’ve written this article (yes, about ourselves) to inform you on why we do the things we do, and what it all means.

So, without further ado…

What Is a Boutique Property Developer?

A boutique-style property developer is one that cares about the small details to provide a sophisticated build for a specialised clientele. In order to deliver this, boutique developers don’t deal in massive multi-property builds. Instead, they focus on smaller projects that are unique.

Even though they’re typically smaller in scale, and deliver significantly fewer units, this actually makes them more appealing, as they’ll only be the few that are like it and will, therefore, stand out on the market.

The atmosphere in a boutique property is important. More time is given to finding sites that showcase the character of the area with unique features, from beams to piping. The properties are then designed to champion this character and have their own identity.

A lot of attention has been put into the style and design of each room, which gives the feeling that is homely yet stylish. Well, ours are anyway.

What Makes a Boutique Property Developer?

Direct Contact with the Team

A boutique property development company has many advantages but one of the top ones is that they’re a smaller team, which is beneficial in many ways, as we’ll explore.

With minimal directors, it means that there won’t be dozens of people every decision has to go through. Therefore there won’t be a need for a committee to come to an agreement all together which can be a lengthy process.

As a boutique property developer like Taylor Rhodes, it also means that there will be the opportunity to have contact with those in charge when it comes to enquiries. By dealing with the people in charge, not only can you get information and answers quickly but you can be confident that the person in charge of your property is just as invested as you.

So overall, there will be a greater deal of clear reasoning, transparency and agility. This is harder to come by in larger developers, where everything has to be decided by a committee. 

Sourcing New Sites and Agreeing Purchases 

Smaller projects provide a major advantage since they allow developers to target a broader range of potential sites. Sites that already have a property on them, such as a disused factory, can be readily turned into apartments without the need to destroy the original building. This allows boutique developers to preserve the history and character of a location.

Combine this with the agility of a boutique developer, and the result is that cost-effective sites can be sourced and purchased quickly.

The benefit for investors is that sites can often be sourced below market value. That means the price at which investors buy into the project is also lower than expected.

Commitment to Your Investment Goals

A boutique property developer does not just sell you a property and let you work out the rest. Instead, you should expect a boutique developer to help you achieve your investment goals, in whatever form they take.

One of the best ways they can help you do this is by identifying how you can use your property to maximise either rental yield or capital growth. For example, at Taylor Rhodes we specialise in serviced accommodation and help clients understand whether it’s right for them.

In fact, we’ve even published a guide to investing in serviced accommodation.

Undivided Attention

Because TRG is a boutique property development company, it means we only have one or two projects on the go at any one time. The advantage of this is that these few developments have our absolute attention.

This is a little different to larger property developments who might have projects in the double-digits all over the country, and even outside going on. As such, the management of these projects is not in the hands of the owners.

At Taylor Rhodes, our projects never leave our sight. That’s how we’re able to deliver properties to our investors on time and on budget, with minimal disruption.

Premium Furnishings and Design

We think it’s fair to say that most people associate the term ‘boutique’ as being individual, and pretty luxurious which essentially our aim, as we mentioned earlier.

When designing the interior of our apartments, we focus on named brands, such as Howdens Kitchens for bespoke touches for every kitchen we fit. As well as Loft furnishings for our furniture packages, as they offer a classic, deluxe and luxury options for us to choose from. 

Combining these furnishings with the unique sites we source results in properties that are true standouts, both for the quality of their finishes and their character.

Have We Convinced You?

Of course, we think being a boutique-style property development company only means great things. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with a boutique investment experience.

We’re ahead of the game in the fact that we’ve been focussed on serviced accommodation in city centres over the UK, we’ve got a clear mind of what works and what doesn’t.

We like to think of ourselves as a little bit different, in the way that we pride ourselves on our limited number of apartments per development, which is internally designed to perfection by our trusted named brands.

Additionally, we shouldn’t forget the fact that being a small development company, coming straight to those in charge is simple and making a decision is straight forward. Especially in comparison to larger companies who require much more deliberation among a board of directs.

So, if you want to find out more about our developments, then don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff today.